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I just wanna be with you

10 June 1989
me ...
- 20 years
- 1,68m
- gemini
- german
listens to ...
- 12012, anna tsuchiya, d'espairs ray, dir en grey, f.t. island, the gazette, girugamesh, heidi., hyde, justin timberlake, kat-tun, leona lewis, linkin park, miyavi, mucc, rihanna, sadie, sid and many more
actors ...
- miura haruma, horikita maki, sida mirai, jackie chan, jet li, jodie forster, will smith
loves ...
- my mum and sister ^^ chocolate, cake , japan, to discover the world, long car-trips, people who support me, peoples back
dislikes ...
- to stop an extremely nice hot shower when it's cold outside, snow/ rain after styling my hair, people who force me to things I don't like
current fav. songs ...
- "Jibchak" . FT Island
- "Saranghuae" . FT Island
- "sorry sorry" . Super Junior
- "Dead&Gone" . Justin Timberlake
... and a looooot more

links ...
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